Dave Franco for Band of Outsiders Fall 2014

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Next year’s vma opening act is gonna be Rihanna in the middle of the stage smoking a big ass blunt, that’s it no music no singing no nothing 

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me after the anaconda video

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Khal Drogo: “I nominate Viserys for the GOLDbucket challenge!!”

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Open RP: Saeko



"Ah…I don’t think this shirt will hold my breasts…."


"Well, of course not, Saeko. This fabric is much too thin and weak to give any form of support and it the stitching you’ve done on it is horrendous. Why don’t you overlay it on some canvas and then accentuate the fabric’s features with some of this beautiful chartreuse you’ve picked out over here?"


Tim Gunn snapped his fingers.

"Make it work!"

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